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Pre-care tips:

  • Arrive at LEAST 5 minutes before your first appointment.

  • No eye makeup! Make sure you arrive with clean lashes and the area around the eye is cleansed 

  • Dress for comfort - you will be laying down for a minimum of an hour 

Post care tips:

  • Do NOT allow your lashes to get wet for at least 24 hours

  • Do NOT rub or pick at the lashes to avoid causing permanent damage to the natural lash.

  • Do NOT use any oil-based skin products near eyes

  • Make sure to brush through the lashes at least 2 times a day in order to keep the lashes looking their best and tangle free


Q: How often should I get a refill on my eyelash extensions?

A: This is entirely situational based on how well you care for your lashes, lifestyle, and lifespan of your natural lashes.  However, we prefer you to get refills every 2-3 weeks. Once you have lost half of your lashes, notice frequent fall out, or gaps you should request an appointment.

Q: What happens if I wait longer than 3 weeks to get my lashes refilled?

A: If you arrive for a refill appointment missing less than 40% of your lash extensions, we will have to charge the price of a full set or a differing amount based on the fall out

Q: How often will my lash extensions fallout?

A: On average, we lose about 1-4 natural lashes every day, and the cycle for a natural lash is usually anywhere between 90-120 days before it inevitably falls out with the eyelash extension attached.



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